1. The Company responsible for operation and maintenance of the ticket sales system www.biletes.jrt.lv is SIA DIVI GRUPA (Ltd.), registered office: Avotu iela 40-33, Riga, LV-1009, Latvia, phone: +371 25440073, e-mail: biletes@di.lv (hereinafter – the Trader).
  2. The Trader through ticket sales system www.biletes.jrt.lv ensures the ticket sales for the events (performances, concerts, guest performances, collaborative performances) organized by The New Riga Theatre (Jaunais Rīgas teātris) (hereinafter – Event Organizer).
  3. By using this Website and/or any content or materials available through it, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions from time to time at our discretion and your use of this Website will be subject to the most current version of the Terms and Conditions posted on this Website at the time of such use.


  1. Tickets in the ticket sales system www.biletes.jrt.lv can be purchased by Customers using the payment cards issued in the EEA (European Economic Area) countries, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
  2. Customers can buy tickets upon registering or logging in the system by entering the username / e-mail and password and selecting the events and seats.
  3. Customer is responsible for the veracity of the data provided.
  4. The data provided shall be used by the Trader only to the interest of Customer. To any third parties Customer’s data is only available in cases prescribed in the Personal Data Protection Law.
  5. Customer can at option transfer his/her personal data (name, telephone number, e-mail, etc.) for saving in the system database only and solely for the following purposes: for The New Riga Theatre to handle them within the framework of Customer Relationship Management, and send information about any cancelled performances to each particular data owner.
  6. Customer may at any time edit his/her personal data.
  7. Customer is given ten (10) minutes time to make payment for the selected tickets, from the moment when the first ticket has been attached to shopping cart. Payments shall be made by bank cards (VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro, MasterCard) issued in the EEA (European Economic Area) countries, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, at Swedbank Banklink or SEB Banklink E-Link. Usage of a payment card and/or data of a payment card issued to another person, including for obtainment of goods and services, is illegal.
  8. If Customer has not made payment within 10 (ten) minutes, the purchase of the selected tickets is not confirmed and all the tickets added to the shopping cart are returned for sale (Customer should repeat the buying process again).
  9. Customer has the possibility to delete individual tickets from the shopping cart.


  1. Paid tickets to theatre performances can be received:
    • at The New Riga Theatre box office - Booking office phone: +371 67280765, e-mail: kase@jrt.lv;
    • in PDF to the e-mail specified by Customer in the system database, if Customer wants to print out the ticket independently.
  2. If Customer has chosen in the ticket sales system to receive the tickets at Event Organizer's point of sale (box office), but for whatever reason has not collected them in a timely manner (arriving at The New Riga Theatre box office no later than half an hour before the event) and/or is not attending the event, the money for the tickets is not returned. Customers are required to comply with the deadline in order to avoid missing the event.
  3. Tickets purchased online are handed out at The New Riga Theatre box office on presentation of an identity document (passport, eID card or driver's license). Tickets are handed out only to that particular person (Customer), who made the payment. If Customer wants the tickets to be handed out to a third person, Customer must contact Event Organizer to ascertain whether such a possibility has been provided.
  4. Not later than an hour from the moment of purchase, a system generated e-ticket in PDF format is delivered to the e-mail of Customer. E-ticket is also available upon signing in www.biletes.jrt.lv and going to My Purchases. Electronic ticket can be stored onto mobile device and mobile device should be able to display QR code for presentation before the entrance to the performance. E-ticket can be printed at home. Before arriving to the performance, Customer should print out the ticket, making sure that the ticket text and QR Code are clearly legible and available for presentation before the entrance to the performance.
  5. Copying and resale markup of e-tickets are prohibited!
  6. In event Customer does not have his/her ticket successfully generated within an hour (neither receiving it in “My Purchases”, nor on e-mail in PDF format), Customer is invited to contact the Trader’s contact person by phone +371 25440073 (weekdays 9:00 to 18:00) or by e-mail to biletes@di.lv.


  1. Trader is responsible for ensuring the ticket sales and safeguarding and administration of Customer’s data, in accordance with the law of the Republic of Latvia.
  2. Trader is entitled to cancel any purchase, if there is a grounded suspicion about a possible fraudulent nature of the transaction.
  3. Event Organizer reserves the right to set a limit on how many tickets can be purchased per Customer for one performance. Customer is given the opportunity to buy tickets at one purchase to various performances in the title, as well as to performances in different places and times, subject to the limits set by Event Organizer. Trader's responsibility is to indicate accurately and clearly the ticketing limits, if any such limits have been set by Event Organizer.
  4. In case of uncertainty, caused by using the ticket sales system www.biletes.jrt.lv, the Customer may contact Trader by calling +371 25440073 (weekdays 9:00-18:00) or by e-mail to www.biletes.jrt.lv.


  1. Information on the purchases made by Customer is saved on the ticket sales system website www.biletes.jrt.lv under "My Purchases" accessible to the Customer.
  2. The maximum value of a single purchase (a shopping cart) shall not exceed EUR 500 (five hundred euro).
  3. Customer can pay for multiple tickets in a single online payment transaction. The online transaction fee is a fixed amount of EUR 1.50 (one euro and fifty cents) and is added to the total amount of the purchase.
  4. In case an event is cancelled or postponed or its venue is changed, the money for tickets purchased online shall be returned by Trader to Customer within 10 (ten) working days after the Event Organizer's announcement of cancellation of the event.
  5. In case of cancellation of event Trader shall reimburse to Customer only the nominal value of the ticket. The online transaction fee in cases of ticket redemption is non-refundable.
  6. In case an event is postponed or its venue is changed, the Customer is offered a reservation for the new event (performance of the same title in another time or venue), and the reservation deadline is established for each event separately, notifying the Customer thereof online or by telephone.
  7. In case of loss of the ticket handed out, Event Organizer on the basis of an identity document shall hand out a duplicate ticket at The New Riga Theatre box office to the Customer (and only to the Customer, not the person who has received the ticket from the Customer). The moment a duplicate is printed out, the original ticket is cancelled. The risk of simultaneous use of the original and the duplicate tickets, as a result of which the entrance to the event can be denied for Customer, shall be borne by Customer.
  8. The tickets sold are not accepted back, unless otherwise communicated by Event Organizer.
  9. It is not allowed to use the tickets for advertising or marketing campaigns, without a written permission of The New Riga Theatre.
  10. We do not recommend taking pre-school age children to the evening performances intended for adult audience.
  11. Taking photos and video/audio recordings during performances are allowed only on permission of The New Riga Theater administration.
  12. The New Riga Theater attendance and other terms are available in the theater's website: http://www.jrt.lv/noteikumI